WaterSmart Business Rebate Program

The WaterSmart Business Rebate Program helps eligible business owners to save water and save on their water bills by improving the water efficiency of their business.

Rebates of up to $1,500 are available to business owners to install approved water efficient products or services to replace inefficient fittings/fixtures and appliances, use an alternative water supply (eg. rainwater), improve practices, wastewater recycling, monitor water consumption (eg. install a data logger) and / or to conduct a water audit of the business.


To be eligible for a WaterSmart Business Rebate, you must:

  • have a property connected to mains drinking water
  • be a Barwon Water customer whose property is charged a non-residential water charge
  • have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have 50 or fewer full time equivalent (FTE) employees

Eligible products and services

The approved products and services are outlined in Schedule 1.

A business owner must have purchased and installed water saving products or services referred to in Schedule 1 at or for the serviced property between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024.

WaterSmart Business Rebates

  • A maximum rebate of $1,500 may be claimed per business through one claim only during the specified timeframe
  • The rebate will be based on the expenditure on water efficiency products or services and their installation.
  • The rebate amount is for 50% of the total expenditure up to a maximum of $1,500 per eligible property. The product or service costs plus installation costs will be used to calculate the rebate value to be claimed by a business. Delivery and installation charges can be included as part of the total purchase price.
  • The products and services must be for the replacement or upgrade to a more efficient product or service.
  • A rebate claim may consist of one or more of the products or services outlined in Schedule 1.


A water efficient washing machine is purchased to replace an old inefficient washing machine and costs $2,500 including delivery. The maximum rebate amount is $1,250 (50% of $2,500).

Making a WaterSmart Business Rebates rebate claim

To claim a WaterSmart Business Rebate, an online claim form must be completed and accompanied by relevant supporting documents including:

  • Original invoice (including clear description of the product and / or service).
  • Original receipt showing proof of purchase / payment.
  • Original Plumbing Industry Commission Certificate (PIC) of compliance if required.
  • Photo of completed project.

Water saving products or services referred to in Schedule 1, at or for the serviced property, must be paid for in full before an application form can be submitted. All receipts must include a clear description of the product and / or service purchased.

The WaterSmart Business Rebate Terms and Conditions are available below. By receiving a rebate, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you will not be entitled to any further rebates under the WaterSmart Business Rebate Program.

If you have a water efficiency project that will save your business a minimum 500 kilolitres of water per year you may be eligible for a WaterSmart Business Grant.

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Schedule 1

Terms and conditions