Saving water

Being more efficient with water will lower both your water and energy bills, and help the environment too.

In and out in four minutes

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Business water grants

Business water saving grants are available to business and agricultural customers connected to drinking water for projects that improve water efficiency and/or achieve permanent water savings.

The program will provide up to 50% of the direct costs of approved projects that deliver permanent reductions in drinking water consumption.

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WaterAssist Home

We’re working with residential customers across our region to help them be more waterwise.

WaterAssist Home is a new program to help homeowners who use more than 680 litres of water per day (more than 250 kilolitres per year) to save water and save money on their water bills. The program includes a home water use assessment and a reliable, affordable plumbing service to repair or replace inefficient water fittings.

Valued at $360 per household, the program is free for eligible homeowners, for a limited time.

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Water saving tips

Check for leaks

It’s estimated 9% of water use can be attributed to undetected leaks.

Look for tell-tale signs such as mould or mildew, bulges in plasterboard, or swelling in timber, chipboard or laminate.

To check for leaks, take a reading of your water meter, turn off all your taps and don’t use your shower, bath, dishwasher or washing machine. Don’t forget garden taps or sprinkler timers. And you’ll have to wait to flush the loo!

Wait at least a few hours (overnight if possible), and then check the meter again. If the meter has ticked over, something is leaking.

Toilets and hot water service units are leak hot spots. If you can’t find or fix the leak, contact a licensed plumber. If you’re renting, contact your landlord or agent.

For help reading your water meter, watch the how to read a water meter video.

SmartWater Advice: saving water in the home

How much water do you use?

Water use graph

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards - sticker

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

You can save water and money by choosing efficient products.

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme is an Australian Government program to help you choose more water efficient products for your home or business.

WELS rated products include taps, toilets, showerheads, flow controllers, dishwashers and washing machines.

Products are rated from zero to six stars. The more stars, the more water-efficient.

For more information, please visit the water rating website.

Permanent water saving rules

The permanent water saving rules (PWSR) are a set of simple, common-sense rules to reduce demand and make sure we all use water wisely.

Learn more about the permanent water saving rules

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