WaterAssist Home

The WaterAssist Home Program helps homeowners with high water use to save water and save on their water bills. The program includes a home water use assessment and a reliable, affordable plumbing service to repair or replace inefficient water fittings valued at $360.


To be eligible for the WaterAssist Home program, you must:

  • be the owner of the property (owner-occupiers, holiday home owners and landlords are eligible)
  • receive a bill from Barwon Water for the meter on your property
  • use more than 680 litres of drinking water per day. This information is available on your water bill.

If you’re not sure if you are eligible, please contact us.

What’s included

A licensed plumber will assess your home water use, identify opportunities to save water and recommend priority plumbing works. Plumbing works can then be undertaken up to the value of $300. The plumbing works may include:

  • repairing a leaking toilet
  • replacing one single-flush toilet cistern with a more efficient dual-flush cistern
  • repairing leaky taps and/or new tapwear
  • Installing 4-star rated water-efficient showerhead (7.5 litres per minute or less).

Cost and value

As part of our commitment to encourage efficient water use, we are offering the program for free for eligible residents.

The plumbing assessment is valued at $60. Plumbing works can be undertaken up to the value of $300.


Contact us to confirm your eligibility, and to organise a booking.

Please note, that by proceeding with a booking, you will be bound by the terms and conditions, below.

Be assured our contracted plumbers are taking the necessary steps to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), including physical distancing, good hygiene, face coverings and personal protective equipment. To safeguard our community, please maintain a 1.5-metre distance from contractors.

Terms and conditions