Trade waste

Trade waste is the wastewater produced by businesses. It is discharged into our sewer system through fixtures such as sinks, drains and pipes.

Trade waste is produced by many different types of businesses  from cafes to schools, and dentists to panel beaters.

Trade waste often contains substances that need careful disposal, such as oils, grease or chemicals. Blockages and overflows caused by trade waste can quickly turn into serious health and safety hazards.

If your business produces and discharges trade waste, you may need a trade waste permit.

Check and apply for a trade waste permit

Check and apply for a trade waste permit

Find out instantly if you need to apply for a trade waste permit.

Applications are processed online. There are four possible outcomes.

  1. You do not need a trade waste permit.
  2. Your application is approved.
  3. Your application is pending approval.
  4. Your application needs to be assessed by our team.

Before you apply

We suggest consulting with a suitably qualified plumber and engaging a clean-out contractor before you apply.

When you apply, we will ask you to provide information about your business, and the type and volume of waste it produces. This information will help us determine how your trade waste should be managed.

You will need to confirm:

  • your business type
  • the type of waste your business produces
  • the volume of waste, as per eat-in capacity or the type and number of fixtures
  • if pre-treatment devices have been installed at the premises before.

Before we can issue you a trade waste permit, we will require:

  • evidence of the installation of pre-treatment devices at your business premises (e.g. the plumber’s invoice for the works)
  • your clean-out contractor details.

Food businesses

Your pre-treatment requirements are based on the eat-in capacity of your business (seats or beds), or the type and number of kitchen fixtures on-site.

Non-food businesses

Your pre-treatment requirements are based on the type of waste produced by your business, and the type and number of fixtures on-site.

Businesses with multiple waste types or high-risk waste

You should consult a suitably qualified plumber about your pre-treatment requirements before applying.

Manufacturing and industry

You will need to apply for a trade waste agreement.

Application fee

An application fee of $172.41 (current at July 2023) is payable by credit card.


We may immediately recommend the installation of a pre-treatment device and a clean-out schedule, or advise you to consult with a suitably qualified plumber before continuing your application.

Some applications will need to be assessed by our team.

Response time

We will assess your application within 10 working days.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What is a trade waste permit?

A trade waste permit allows you to discharge trade waste into our sewer system, as long as you comply with our Trade waste policyTrade waste policy guidelines and any specific requirements in your trade waste permit.

A trade waste permit includes:

  • pre-treatment device requirements
  • pre-treatment clean-out and reporting schedule
  • discharge report requirements
  • annual fees.


Trade waste permits are renewed automatically every year.

Annual fee

An annual fee covers the costs incurred in the collection, treatment and discharge of your trade waste.

See our current pricing schedule for all our fees and charges, including trade waste.


You may be subject to penalties if you discharge trade waste without a permit, or fail to comply with your trade waste permit, including reporting your clean-outs.

For more detailed information, see our Trade waste policy guidelines and our current pricing schedule.

Update or cancel your trade waste permit

To update or cancel your trade waste permit, please Contact us.


If your eat-in capacity or waste type changes, you must inform us. We may need to issue you a new trade waste permit.


You must advise us 28 days before the final day of trade waste production to avoid ongoing fees and requirements.