Conserve, preserve, wherever you go

Illustrated image of Drop character and caravan on the beach.

Long hot days and lots of visitors to our beautiful region mean our water use increases over summer.

Whether you’re a holidaymaker or a resident, don’t take a break from saving water.

Don’t be a drip, every drop counts

Meet Drop. He’s helping spread the word about saving water.

Drop always does the right thing. He uses a trigger nozzle, waters his plants in the evenings, and uses the half-flush. You might see him around the coast this summer.

His friend Drip isn’t so careful. Drip leaves the tap running, runs through the sprinkler and takes really long showers. Don’t be a drip. Every drop counts.

Illustrated image of Drip and Drop characters in the garden water plants, with the words Don't be a drip, every drop counts.

Permanent water saving rules

There are no water restrictions in place in our region.

But simple, common sense rules apply to help conserve water: today, tomorrow, always.

Use a trigger nozzle

Make sure all your garden hoses are fitted with trigger nozzles and are leak free.

You can water your garden with a hand-held hose at any time, or any day.

Set a sprinkler timer

If you have a sprinkler or watering system, use it after 6 pm in the evening or before 10 am in the morning. Or set a timer to irrigate overnight.

Use a broom

Don’t use a hose to clean hard surfaces like decks and driveways. Use a broom instead.

If you need to use water (for example, to remove staining) consider a high-pressure cleaner. Or a bucket and a stiff-bristled brush.


Got a pond, fountain or water feature? Make sure it recirculates water (don’t worry, almost all of them do).

Learn more about the permanent water saving rules

Save water on holiday

Heading to the coast for a summer getaway? Don’t take a break from saving water.

  • Take shorter showers, four minutes should be all you need.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Use half flush. Modern toilets use just three litres of water.
  • Report leaking taps and running toilets.

Illustrated image of Drip and Drop characters reminding everyone to take shorter showers.

Save water at home

If you’re staying home this summer, there’s lots you can do to conserve water.

  • Head to the hardware store and make sure all your garden hoses are fitted with triggger nozzles.
  • Add mulch to your garden beds to minimise water loss from evaporation.
  • Check for leaks by reading your water meter before you go to bed at night and again in the morning.
  • Use a bucket or a high pressure cleaner to wash your car.