Products and standards

This page outlines the products, materials and design standards that are currently accepted by Barwon Water, for the installation of pipeline systems and associated infrastructure work.

This information is intended for product suppliers/vendors, construction and engineering designers and contractors.

Approved products and materials

Barwon Water has adopted the approved products catalogue developed by City West Water, with some limitations and exceptions – defined in our supplementary catalogues below.

View the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) product portal.

To use our product catalogues:

  1. Search the MWRA product portal to check if the product is approved by City West Water.
  2. Refer to the relevant supplementary catalogue for any limitations (section 1) or exclusions (section 2).

Supplementary catalogues

Our supplementary catalogues define the limitations and exceptions between products approved for use with City West Water, and those approved by us.

There are no supplementary catalogues for the following:

  • Meters and ancillary components: all products listed with City West Water are also approved for use at Barwon Water.
  • Sewerage pumping stations: none of the products approved by City West Water are approved for use at Barwon Water. For requirements for sewerage pumping stations, view the supplement to the WSAA Sewerage Pumping Station Code of Australia (PDF 448.4 KB).

Approval of new products

Suppliers and vendors can apply to have new products approved by Barwon Water. Approval of new products is considered under the following criteria:

  • products must fulfil an infrastructure need; and
  • have reached a positive appraisal from the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) or one of the Melbourne metropolitan water retailers: City West water, Yarra Valley Water or South East Water.

Contact us for more information on applying for a new product approval.

Standard drawings

The following drawings are provided to ensure that all design, engineering and construction work is carried out to approved, common standards.

NumberNameApproved File size
C001-R0 Existing concrete wall pipe penetration and encasement detail 11/09/2014 PDF 550 KB
C010-R0 Pipe supports: steel (vertical loads only) types 1 to 5 11/09/2014 PDF 900 KB
C017-R0 Pit cover: hinged grid mesh (aluminium) 11/09/2014 PDF 603 KB
G010-R0 Chain wire railless security fence 11/09/2014 PDF 836 KB
G011-R0 Post and wire fence 11/09/2014 PDF 603 KB
G012-R0 Post and wire fence: gate details 11/09/2014 PDF 449 KB
G020-R0 Steel and timber bollards 11/09/2014 PDF 507 KB
G021-R0 Valve and hydrant identification markers and marker posts 11/09/2014 PDF 979 KB
G022-R0 Access and rescue buoy anchor stanchion: typical details 11/09/2014 PDF 819 KB
J001-R0 Piping and instrumentation diagram: legend 11/09/2014 PDF 1.7 MB
J003-R0 Piping and instrumentation diagram: monitoring and control schematic 11/09/2014 PDF 970 KB
S021-R0 Rung ladder attached to wall: step-through and side-step ladder 12/02/2015 PDF 881 KB
S022-R0 Vertical rung ladder extension stanchion 11/09/2014 PDF 747 KB
S023-R0 Rung ladder attached to platform: step-through ladder 11/09/2014 PDF 873 KB
S024-R0 Step ladder — flat bar stile type: elevation and typical details 11/09/2014 PDF 983 KB
S025-R0 Step Ladder — parallel flange channel stile type: elevation and typical details 11/09/2014 PDF 963 KB
W001-R0 Pipelines — trench and backfill: typical details 11/09/2014 PDF 1.3 MB
W004-R0 Flowmeter pit: layout and details 11/09/2014 PDF 576 KB
W005-R0 Isolating hydrant detail ≥DN300 11/09/2014 PDF 96 KB
W010-R0 Water supply scour valve installation: type A 11/09/2014 PDF 554 KB
W011-R0 Water supply scour valve installation: type B 11/09/2014 PDF 588 KB
W012-R0 Water supply line valve with scour valve bypass 11/09/2014 PDF 836 KB
W013-R0 Water reclamation line valve installation with scour valve 11/09/2014 PDF 719 KB
W020-R0 Water supply air valve details: type A and B (non-trafficable) 11/09/2014 PDF 626 KB
W021-R0 Water supply air valve details: type C and D 11/09/2014 PDF 848 KB
W022-R0 Water supply air valve details: type E and F (non-trafficable) 11/09/2014 PDF 701 KB
W023-R0 Water supply line butterfly valve installation with air valve 11/09/2014 PDF 990 KB
W024-R0 Water reclamation air valve: typical details 11/09/2014 PDF 817 KB
W025-R0 Water supply line gate valve installation with air valve 11/09/2014 PDF 669 KB
W030-R0 Water supply flange arrangement details 10/07/2014 PDF 206 KB
W034-RO Mild Steel – Pit Covers For Circular Pits (Non Trafficable) 11/09/2014 PDF 139 KB
W035-R0 Aluminium – Pit Covers For Circular Pits (Non Trafficable) 11/09/2017 PDF 150 KB

Design template: notes, schedules and locality plan (water)

Design template: notes, schedules and locality plan (water)



PDF 623 KB

DWG 1.9 MB


Design template: notes, schedules and locality plan (sewer)

Design template: notes, schedules and locality plan (sewer)



PDF 343 KB

DWG 2.6 MB

Consultants and contractors

Any work done on Barwon Water infrastructure must be designed by consultants and carried out by contractors accredited by us.

The firms and individuals on these lists have represented to Barwon Water that they have the management capability, qualifications, expertise, and experience and technical capability to carry out work.

We make no guarantees or warranties as to the performance, commercial practices or financial status of these firms. We do not endorse any of the products or services offered by the firms or individuals listed. It is strongly recommended that you undertake normal diligence procedures to select appropriate accredited consultants/contractors.

If you are a consulting engineer or contractor seeking accreditation with us, please complete and submit an application form, along with relevant documentation.

Please note that all contractors working, or intending to work, on Barwon Water sites must complete a health and safety induction before commencing work.

Learn more about our approved products, materials and design standards.