Information for suppliers and contractors

Barwon Water completes all purchasing and tendering in a fair and ethical manner, and obtaining goods and services at the best value available.

This is achieved by adhering to the:

  • Financial Management (Amendment) Act 1994 for all non-construction procurement of goods and services, and
  • Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994 and supporting Ministerial Directions for Public Construction Procurement in Victoria for all construction related works.


All new tenders associated with the procurement of construction works, and goods and services by Barwon Water are advertised on the online tendering sites: Buying for Victoria and Tenderlink.

View current tenders on Buying for Victoria

View current tenders on TenderLink

Procurement activity plan

The table below identifies the anticipated public tender release dates for planned construction projects and goods and services procurements during 2021-2022.

Tendering thresholds

The following thresholds apply to each of these purchase categories:


In line with Victorian Government policy we provide summary details of all active contracts valued at $100,000 or more.

Constructions contracts are published on the Buying for Victoria website.

Goods and services contracts awarded from December 2020 are published on the Buying for Victoria website. Goods and services contracts awarded prior to December 2020 are published below.

For any enquiries, please contact us to speak with a member of our Procurement team.

General conditions for purchase of goods and services

Barwon Water's general conditions for purchase of goods and services, that apply to all purchase orders, are provided below.

General conditions for purchase of goods and services

Gifts, benefits and hospitality

Our employees, Board members and ‘in-house’ contractors and consultants are bound by our policy for gifts, benefits and hospitality. The policy sets out our standards and procedures for responding to gift offers, and for providing gifts, benefits or hospitality to internal or external events or guests.

Suppliers should be aware of our obligations under the policy.

More on gifts, benefits and hospitality

Procurement enquiries and complaints

We aim to address enquiries and resolve complaints quickly and fairly. The Chief Procurement Officer is the first point of contact for enquiries, such as those relating to our tender process or competitive neutrality.