Annual water outlook

Each year ahead of summer we also publish our Annual Water Outlook: a high-level overview of our supply systems’ capacity to provide sufficient water security in the short-term (looking ahead two years).

Urban Water Strategy

The Urban Water Strategy is a 50-year plan that outlines the actions required to manage demand for, and ensure sufficient supplies of, drinking water across our service region.

The 2022 Urban Water Strategy — Water for our Future — was finalised in September 2022.

The strategy sets out Barwon Water’s plan to meet demand for the next 50 years and comprises 25 actions over the next five years that will save water, source new water, reuse water and return water to the environment.

The strategy has been informed by more than 600 ideas shared during Water for our Future’s community engagement, where more than 5,000 community members participated in the program to help find new sources of water and be more efficient with the water we have.