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Pressure sewer systems

Pressure sewer systems (PSS) are utilised in certain areas because of the topography, ground conditions and / or cost of a conventional sewerage system.

PSS’ are an economical and environmentally appropriate way of collecting and transporting household wastewater.

You will be notified if your purchased property is located within a pressure sewer system area and at the time you make an application to connect to the sewer system.  

Barwon Water owns and maintains pressure sewer systems, but property owners must ensure a continuous supply of electricity to the PSS control panel to:

  • ensure the tank doesn’t overflow
  • ensure the audible alarm works if there is a problem.

Once installed, the only visible part of a PSS is the tank lid, boundary kit lid and control panel.

PSS running costs are dependent on household water usage and the costs of your power service provider.

For more information, see the pressure sewer system occupiers manual (PDF 1.77 MB)

PSS installation

A Barwon Water contractor installs:

  • a PSS pump unit on your property
  • electrical cabling – from the tank to the control panel
  • a pump control panel to your house.

For more information, see information for builders (PDF 74 KB) and plumbers (PDF 395 KB).

Relocating a PSS?

You must seek approval from Barwon Water to relocate or alter any component of the PSS on your property. Relocations are undertaken by a Barwon Water approved contractor and is at your cost.

For more information, contact 1300 656 007.

Landscaping near a PSS

The collection tank and boundary kit lids must not be covered. Sufficient space must also be left around each component to allow access for maintenance staff. 

Items greater than 500 kilograms – cars, ride-on mowers, etc. – must not be placed over the storage tank lid.  

Landscaping over the house service drain is permitted, but you will be liable for any damages.

Flushing a PSS

If the property is unoccupied for more than three days, your PSS pumping unit will need to be flushed to prevent potential odour problems. Barwon Water may need to flush your storage tank if unattended for more than three days. You may be liable for costs if this occurs. 

To flush, run at least 190 litres of water into your household drains to activate the PSS. This can be achieved by doing a couple of loads of washing and using the shower just prior to leaving the property.

PSS pumping unit repairs

The pump unit and connecting pipe to the collection main is owned and operated by Barwon Water. You are responsible for the property service drain connecting your household wastewater outlets to the collection tank.

If the pump unit or pump-control fails, the wastewater level in the tank will rise to a point where an alarm will be sent by telemetry to Barwon Water’s 24 hour Communications Centre.

A service operator will monitor the problem and if it does not self-correct then an authorised service contractor will attend your property.

For detailed information on what to do in the unlikely event of an alarm, see the Pressure Sewer System Occupiers Manual (PDF 1.77 MB)

Non-flushable items

Items including, but not limited to, glass, wet wipes, plastic objects, nappies and metal filings should not be flushed down household drains. If your PSS pumping unit fails due to unauthorised items entering the storage tank, you may be liable for repair costs.