Property enquiry application

The property enquiry application is a tool predominantly used by solicitors and conveyancers facilitating property settlement.

The property enquiry application provides the following information:

Information statement ($30.30)

Any outstanding or paid-in-advance charges when a property is sold, along with any relevant infrastructure (underground water/sewer pipes), easements and encumbrances.

Information statement updates (free)

Provided for free for up to 60 days to better reflect the financial status of a property, closer to the settlement date.

Special meter reading ($16.16)

Recorded outside our normal meter-reading cycle, to obtain an accurate record of water consumption to the date of the sale of a property or tenancy change.

Drainage plan ($11.28)

Showing sewer pipe locations and connection points – sometimes used to ensure any excavation works don't damage underground sewer pipes.

Things to know

  • If you’re a regular user, you can register for an account with us. We will send you a monthly bill with the associated fees and charges.
  • If you are an occasional or one-off user, you can pay online using a credit card.
  • The fees are correct as at 1 July 2022 and are subject to change at the beginning of each financial year.
  • Information statements, special meter readings and drainage plans can also be requested through the LANDATA® website.