Land development

Barwon Water has a referral role to play in the planning permit phase of many new developments (including subdivisions) where water, sewerage and recycled water services are required.

Our land development team works with developers, engineering consultants, builders and property owners who are developing, re-developing or subdividing property across our service region.

New Developer Deeds and Accreditation Deeds apply from 16 March 2018

Please note: this information, including downloadable documents and forms may have changed since you last accessed this webpage.

Importantly, the new Land development guide and Land development servicing manual replace the old Land Development Manual (LDM).

Development applications

To receive the cost and conditions specific to your development please submit an Application for servicing requirements and costing and/or Developer Deed. We will respond with the relevant Deed and/or conditions.

Projects are typically categorised as either private works (including simple private works) or developer works.

Private works

Private works are the construction of private assets and sewer connection points.

The relevant document which covers the private works process is the Private Works Deed.

The relevant documents which cover the simple private works process are the Contractor Accreditation Deed and Service requirements and costings.

Developer works

Developer Works are the construction of reticulated or shared assets (reimbursement works).

The relevant document which covers the developer works process is the Developer Deed.

Accredited consultants and contractors

Barwon Water infrastructure must be designed by accredited consultants and built by accredited contractors.

If you are undertaking works which, in the future, will become Barwon Water assets (ie: developer works) you must use engineering consultants and contractors (plumbers, excavators, builders, civil engineers, etc.) accredited by us.

View a list of our accredited consultants and contractors.

If you are a consulting engineer or contractor seeking accreditation with us, please complete and submit an application form along with relevant documentation.

What do I need to do?

The steps involved in the development process are outlined below.

Steps 5 through 8 are only required where a Developer Works Deed applies.