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Urban Water Strategy

The Urban Water Strategy is a 50-year plan which outlines our actions required to manage demand for, and ensure sufficient supplies of, drinking water across our service region.

The Urban Water Strategy strategy replaces the Water Supply Demand Strategy 2012–2062. It is revisited every five years in response to a constantly changing water outlook, and the variable nature of population growth and development.

The strategy outlines a commitment to working with Traditional Owners and custodians to incorporate Aboriginal knowledge and values into Barwon Water’s resource planning, as well as explore opportunities to provide access to water to enhance economic development opportunities for local Aboriginal groups.

Long term analysis of water supply and demand for the Geelong region indicates its water supplies are secure well into the future.

Short term actions outlined in the strategy focus on Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek. Our analysis indicates a need for an increase in water supply for the Apollo Bay system by 2024 under a worst-case climate scenario.


Urban Water Strategy




Annual Water Outlook

Each year we also publish our Annual Water Outlook: a high-level overview of our supply systems’ capacity to provide sufficient water security in the short-term.

Annual Water Outlook 2017
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