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Stage 2 water restrictions in Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo

Stage 2 water restrictions will be reintroduced in the coastal townships of Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo on Sunday 30 October 2011.

Restrictions will ensure the limited supply capacity of the Marengo basin copes with the summer tourist influx.

Barwon Water has secured the site for the new Apollo Bay water storage, construction will begin in 2012 and will be completed in 2014. The new storage will meet furture demand for residents and tourists, and see an end to regular summer restrictions.

We would like to thank all our customers in Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo for their continued cooperation.

Under Stage 2 restrictions, watering of lawns is banned and garden watering is only permitted during limited hours on alternate days. Window cleaning, vehicle washing and watering sporting grounds are also restricted.

The restrictions will apply until Saturday 28 April 2012.


  Media release: Water restrictions in Apollo Bay

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Torquay sewage spill update 4

We have removed warning signs which were installed following a sewage spill at Torquay's Taylor Park last week. 

The latest tests indicate water quality in several ponds has returned to normal.

The spill was caused by trees roots blocking a manhole.

Customers can report any water or sewage related emergency (such as a leak or burst pipe) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephoning 1300 656 007.

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Torquay sewage spill update 3

We are continuing to monitor the water quality in ponds at Torquay's Taylor Park following a sewage spill last Thursday.

One of the ponds was drained on Friday after higher than normal levels of E.coli were detected. A second pond also recorded elevated readings on Saturday and warning signs remain in place as a precaution.

Water quality is being monitored daily and the signs will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.  

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Have your say on changes to our Permanent Water Saving Plan

We are proposing some changes to our Permanent Water Saving Plan, and would like your feedback.

The proposed changes are in line with a statewide review of the current permanent water saving rules in place across Victoria.

Our community are excellent water savers. Thanks to their efforts, solid winter rain and new infrastructure, Geelong's storages are in excellent shape.

The proposed changes are designed to lock in water saving behaviour adopted during the drought and to establish more consistency across Victoria.

The draft Permanent Water Saving Plan can be downloaded using the link below. You can also contact us for a printed copy.

  Draft Permanent Water Saving Plan (for review)

  Current Permanent Water Saving Plan (for comparison)

Summary of the main proposed changes

Under the proposed Permanent Water Saving Plan:

  • Hand held hoses must now be leak free.
  • Watering systems can be used 6 pm — 10 am. This is an extension to the previous watering times of 8 pm  10 am. Different rules for manual and automatic watering systems have been removed.
  • An application is no longer required to fill new pools or spas.
  • Some other minor changes are proposed to simplifying the plan and make it easier to understand.


Have your say

We welcome your feedback on the proposed changes.

Feedback must be in writing to Barwon Water, PO Box 659 Geelong VIC 3220, or by email.

Submissions close Thursday 17 November 2011.

Please note: We will share your feedback with the Department of Sustainability and Environment for the purpose of analysing broader community views. We may contact you if we need to clarify your input or seek more information from you.


Water restrictions in our region

The Permanent Water Saving Plan currently applies across Barwon Water's entire service region.

  More on the Permanent Water Saving Plan

Given Geelong's healthy water storage levels and new water sources, staged water restrictions are not expected in the greater Geelong region in the near future.

However, water restrictions may be required in Colac, Apollo Bay, Aireys Inlet and/or Lorne when storage is limited, or during times of drought. For instance, Apollo Bay will be subject to seasonal (summer) restrictions until a new water storage is completed in 2014.


More information

  Media release from the Minister for Water: New water restrictions released for public comment


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Torquay sewage spill update 2

Full test results have confirmed that contamination from the sewage spill in Taylor Park, Torquay is confined to just 1 of the 5 ponds.

Elevated levels of E. coli were recorded in the pond in excess of 2,400,000 organisms / 100 mL (acceptable levels are less than 1000 organisms / 100 mL).

Elevated levels of ammonia were also recorded in the pond (20 mg/L, compared to expected levels of approximately 0.1 mg/L).

This pond has now been emptied to remove the risk to park users.

The levels of E. coli and ammonia in the other 4 ponds were all well within expected norms.

Signs will remain in place as a precaution until confirmation results are received.

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Torquay sewage spill update

Water quality samples taken after a sewage spill at Taylor Park, Torquay, yesterday (Thursday 13 October 2011) have shown elevated levels of E. coli in 1 of the park's 5 ponds.

Water in the affected pond will be pumped into a tanker this afternoon.

EPA Victoria and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, as manager of the park, have approved the remedial works.

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Torquay sewage spill

We responded to a sewage spill at Taylor Park, Torquay, late yesterday (Thursday 13 October 2011).

The spill was reported at 4.50 pm and our crews were on-site at 5.30 pm.

Initial investigations found tree roots in a manhole had caused a blockage and resulted in the overflow.

Sewage had flowed into a shallow stormwater channel, which was pumped out and cleaned.

We have taken water quality samples from 5 ponds in the park and erected warning signs, as a precaution.

The results of the tests are expected later today (Friday 14 October 2011) and will determine when the signs can be removed.

We have notified the Surf Coast Shire and EPA Victoria.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Customers to report a water or sewage related emergency (such as a leak or burst pipe) to us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 656 007.

  Emergencies and faults

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Bannockburn plant upgrade

We upgrading the Bannockburn Water Reclamation Plant to meet forecast population growth.

A new 100 megalitre lagoon will be built on the existing Stephens Road site, with more recycled water available for horticulture, agriculture and recreation.

The new infrastructure will not only meet the demands of a rapidly growing population, but will open the door to new recycled water customers in the near future.


Tree clearing

About 1000 plantation gums trees will be cleared to provide for the new lagoon.

The 5000-tree Brittle Gum (Eucalyptus mannifera) plantation was established by Barwon Water in 2003 for irrigation by recycled water.

The cleared trees will be mulched for use on-site.


Environmental overlays

Works will not impact the Stephens Road bushland reserve managed under a Trust for Nature conservation covenant.

Environmental overlays on the land will remain protected.

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Update on Anglesea sewer pipe repairs 4

Our temporary sewer pipe across the Anglesea River has been completed.

The above-ground pipe is transferring recycled water from Aireys Inlet and sewage from west Anglesea to the nearby Anglesea Water Reclamation Plant until a new, permanent pipeline is bored beneath the river bed.

The 300-metre temporary pipe has been pulled across existing walking tracks and bridges from the west to the east side of the river between Coogoorah Park recreation reserve and Wray Street.

Pedestrian access to the tracks has been restored.

Tenders are being assessed for the construction of the new pipeline.  We aim to have the project completed before Christmas.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please contact us

  Media release: Temporary pipe across river 3

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Barwon Water commended

The Barwon Water Alliance was last night highly commended in the Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards environment category for its work on the Meredith water supply improvement project.

The project involved constructing a pump station and 11.5 kilometre pipeline to connect Meredith to the Geelong water supply network.

The awards recognised engineering activities that positively impacted the surrounding environment.

Connecting Meredith to the Geelong system will provide water security by decreasing the reliance on the drought-stressed West Moorabool River and improve water quality for the town's community. 

The project was delivered by the Barwon Water Alliance, which combines the skills and experience of Barwon Water, construction company John Holland and design and engineering specialists GHD.

  Media release: Barwon Water recognised for environmental leadership

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