Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)

Find leaks, save water and promote water education in your school.

The Victorian Government Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) enables schools to track their water usage using data logger technology.

SWEP provides water meter data-loggers and an online monitoring dashboard, enabling schools to track water usage and detect leaks. Water leaks are common in schools, resulting in high water losses and high water bills. Early detection is vital to saving water and money.

The program also provides students with an opportunity to learn about water efficiency in the ‘real world’ and is supported by a dedicated curriculum resource.

Since 2012, 85 participating schools in the Barwon Water region have together saved more than 1 billion litres of drinking water, and more than $3.4 million in water and wastewater charges.

85 schools participating, more than 1 billion litres of drinking water saved, $3.4 million saved in water and wastewater charges

Program components

  1. Register: schools can sign up online.
  2. Install: data loggers are installed on the school's water meters. Installation takes only minutes, and the water does not need to be turned off.
  3. Access and learn: teachers, facilities managers and students have access to a personalised website to track and record water use. Curriculum materials support the program with relevant class activities.


The Victorian Government funds the first year of the program, and Barwon Water covers the cost after that.

Schools can purchase additional data loggers at a reduced rate.


SWEP is funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), the Victorian Department of Education and Training, and Barwon Water.

Curriculum integration

SWEP includes curriculum resources and is also supported by the Water: Learn it! Live it! data logging module.

The program is a great way to combine math, science and environmental studies using real-world examples.

More information

To learn more or sign up, head to the SWEP website, or contact us.

Schools Water Efficiency Program

Schools leak detection and support program

The Schools Leak Detection and Support Program will provide financial assistance via a SWEP rebate/grant for primary and secondary schools in our region that participate in the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP). It aims to support SWEP schools to locate and fix difficult or major leaks, as well as improve water efficiency within the school grounds.

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