Early learners ‘Water Hero’ program

The new Water Hero program is designed for early learners. It is available at no cost to kindergartens and childcare centres within our service region.

The program encourages water saving, healthy hydration habits, leadership and peer support. It includes a teacher resource and activity book, and is free to download.

Water Hero early learning education pack (PDF 6.1 MB)

For kindergartens and early childcare centres that register with us, we will also supply a superhero cape, poster, badge and a printed copy of the teacher resource booklet. These will be sent to registering centres directly.

Register your kindergarten / early learning centre

We also offer free, half-hour incursions to support the Water Hero program. Please contact us to make a booking. A limited number of sessions are available each term.

About the program

The Water Hero program provides early years educators with a structured course that empowers, engages and focuses young minds on key water-related themes.

The topics (missions) incorporate educator-lead activities, structured play and independent extension tasks, so children can learn fundamental water concepts, and are supported in transferring this knowledge to others (fellow students, family and friends).

Educators are free to print, photocopy and distribute individual activities within the classroom, and for students to take home. Parents supporting home learning can print the resources for their children.


The Water Hero Program includes four ‘mission’ (topics). Each mission includes a lesson plan, learning goals, activities, and printable resources.

The intention of the Water Hero program is for educators to work through each mission over at least four sessions (one mission per session). To maximise engagement, we encourage early learning centres to continue the program over a longer period of time, with a new child selected as the daily ‘Water Hero’.