Water Supply Demand Strategy: Draft for public comment

We are seeking feedback from our community on our draft Water Supply Demand Strategy (WSDS).

The WSDS outlines actions required to manage demand for water across our service region, ensuring sufficient water supplies are sourced to meet residential, agricultural, business and environmental needs well into the future.

This strategy is a 50 year plan, updated every 5 years in response to a constantly changing water outlook.

  Water Supply Demand Strategy 2012-2062

Our short-term actions outlined in the WSDS focus on the Colac region, with analysis indicating that demand may exceed supply by 2017. Long-term analysis of water supply and demand for the rest of our serviced areas indicates that we are water secure well into the future.

Your feedback on the draft document will be used to finalise the Water Supply Demand Strategy.

Feedback is welcome until Friday 9 March 2012

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