Water storages still on the rise

Geelong region water storages have topped the elusive 90% mark for the first time in more than nine years. The last time storages were above 90% was in December 2001 (prior to that: November 1996).

Rainfall at the West Barwon reservoir, in the Otway Ranges, has been well above average this year. July rainfall was the highest since 1978.

Image of a girl in heavy rain.

Storages in the Moorabool system are collectively 97% full, the healthiest they have been for over 15 years.

Lal Lal reservoir began spilling at the end of last month, the first time it has overflowed since December 1996. (Lal Lal reservoir, south of Ballarat, is jointly managed by Barwon Water and Central Highland Water).

Lal Lal and Korweinguboora reservoirs are both at 100% capacity.

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