Restrictions lifted: Permanent Water Saving Plan to apply

Stage 1 water restrictions will be lifted in the greater Geelong region from Tuesday 1 March 2011.

The region will revert to the Permanent Water Saving Plan — a set of simple, commonsense measures to conserve water now and for the future.

Under the plan:

  • you can use a hand-held hose, fitted with a trigger nozzle, to water gardens and lawns or wash vehicles at any time, on any day
  • you can use a manual watering system (one that is turned on or off by hand) 8pm—10am, on any day
  • you can use an automatic watering system 10pm—10am, on any day
  • you cannot hose down driveways, paths, decking, concrete or paved areas except in cases of emergency
  • pools more than 2000 litres in capacity may only be filled with prior approval from Barwon Water.

The Barwon Water Board of Directors made the decision today. Board Chairman Roger Lowrey said a dramatic increase in storage levels, new water projects and entrenched water-saving behaviour meant it was appropriate to remove restrictions.

While above-average rainfall was responsible for the turnaround in storage levels, a record capital investment program will also ensure a secure water supply for the future.

Other towns in our service region already on permanent water saving measures include Colac, Lorne, and Aireys Inlet.

More detailed information on the Permanent Water Saving Plan, and how the changes may affect you, will be available on this website soon.


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