Water rebates extended

The Victorian Government "Living Victoria Water Rebate Program" has been extended for a further 3 years (until 30 June 2015).

The program has also been expanded by increasing rebates on rainwater tanks and including more eligible small businesses.

Image shows a resaurant kitchen - just one example of the many small businesses that are now eligible to claim rebates on water efficient products and appliances.

Businesses with up to 50 employees are now eligible to claim rebates on selected water-wise products.

Under the current phase of the program, household rebates for rainwater tanks have increased:

  • $850 for tanks 2000–3999 litres connected to a toilet and/or laundry (previously $500).
  • $1300 for tanks 4000 litres and over connected to a toilet or laundry (previously $900).
  • $1500 for tanks 4000 litres and over connected to toilet and laundry (previously $1000).
  • $500 for tank to toilet connections — existing rainwater tanks 2000 litres and over (previously $200).

Rainwater tank rebates are now also open to homes that were built before the introduction of the 6-star building standard (1 May 2011).

Small businesses of up to 50 employees (previously up to 20 employees) can also apply for rebates for a range or water efficient products.

Businesses can now make multiple claims (previously one claim) for 50% off eligible products, up to a maximum rebate of $2000.


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