Update on Anglesea sewer pipe repairs

We're busy investigating repair options for a damaged sewer pipe beneath the Anglesea River.

The pipe was damaged and a leak detected last week. The pipe was carrying about 85% recycled water and 15% sewage, which entered the Anglesea River.

Specialist divers have been called in and a first attempt to repair the pipe with a stainless steel sleeve over the damaged section was unsuccessful. Other repair options include inserting a flexible sleeve or building a new river crossing.

The pipe has been shut down and remains offline.

We will continue to monitor water quality in the Anglesea River. The latest test results have been below the acceptable safe level.

While repairs are underway, sewage from west Anglesea will be trucked to the Anglesea water reclamation plant, and recycled water from Aireys Inlet will be stored in purpose-built lagoons.

We are confident that the leak has posed no risks to the community, and are committed to repairing the fault as quickly as possible.

  Media release: Update on Anglesea sewer pipe repairs (Thursday 18 August 2011)

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