Stage 3 water restrictions for Lorne, Colac and Apollo Bay

Stage 3 water restrictions will be introduced in the Colac, Lorne and Apollo Bay water supply systems from 1 am on Sunday 1 May 2016 as unprecedented dry conditions continue.

Stage 3 water restrictions will apply across the following suburbs and towns:

  • Alvie
  • Apollo Bay
  • Beeac
  • Colac
  • Coragulac
  • Cororooke
  • Cressy
  • Elliminyt
  • Irrewarra
  • Lorne
  • Marengo
  • Ondit
  • Warrion
  • Skenes Creek

Stage 2 restrictions were implemented in Colac and Lorne last month and have been successful in reducing demand. However, storage levels have continued to fall with only minimal rainfall and inflows recorded.

Apollo Bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek will go straight to Stage 3 restrictions after a sharp decline in storages over recent weeks.

Lorne’s supplies sit at 33.7% capacity while Colac and Apollo Bay’s storages are just 26% full.

Storages in all three regions were in a healthy position ahead of summer, but record dry conditions have seen supplies fall into the restriction range.

The increase from Stage 2 to Stage 3 further restricts garden watering, with hand watering only permitted between 6 am and 8 am on alternate days.

Under Stage 3 restrictions, lawns cannot be watered, sprinklers are banned, and only water-efficient dripper systems are permitted between 6 am and 8 am on alternate days.

  Stage 3 water restrictions: information for residential customers

  Stage 3 water restrictions: information for commercial and business customers


Water carting: Lorne

Lorne will receive approximately 200,000 litres daily from the greater Geelong network to help maintain the town’s supplies.

Water carting trucks will travel from Winchelsea to Lorne via Deans Marsh, starting next week.


Taste changes: Colac and Lorne

Residents in Lorne, Colac and surrounding towns may notice changes in the taste of their water as supplied are blended and balanced across the networks.


Permanent water saving rules: Geelong

Permanent water saving rules will continue to apply in the greater Geelong supply region, including Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven.

Geelong has access to a diverse range of water sources including catchments on the Barwon and Moorabool River systems, groundwater at Barwon Downs and Anglesea, and the Victorian water grid via Melbourne.

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