Stage 2 water restrictions for Colac and Lorne

Stage 2 water restrictions will be introduced in Colac — and surrounding towns — and Lorne on Thursday 24 March 2016.

The restrictions are in response to persistent low rainfall and declining storage levels.

The Colac and Lorne supply systems are particularly vulnerable to dry conditions due to the relatively small capacity of their reservoirs that drain quickly during periods of high demand. Fortunately, these storages also recover quickly when it rains.

Under Stage 2 water restrictions, you can use a hand-held hose with trigger nozzle at any time on any day.

Under Stage 2 restrictions:

  • watering of lawns is banned, but exemptions can be granted for newly laid turf
  • watering systems (including sprinklers) are restricted to limited hours and on alternate days (odds/evens system)
  • cleaning windows, washing vehicles and watering sporting grounds is restricted
  • gardens can be watered by hand at any time on any day.

Permanent water saving rules apply elsewhere in our region, including greater Geelong.

Barwon Water monitors storages, forecast and demand trends on a daily basis.


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