Solar array underway

We’re making the switch to renewable energy by 2025, with a 1 megawatt solar array being built at the Black Rock water reclamation plant, and an another 2 megawatt array approved.

The $3.4 million Black Rock Solar Project will see more than 2,800 panels generating about 1.3 gigawatt hours a year — around 13% of the treatment plant’s energy requirements. The project is expected to cut our annual emissions by about 1,500 tonnes and save $185,000 per year, putting downward pressure on customer prices.

Stage 2 of the solar project was recently approved, which will deliver a further 2 gigawatt hours a year by 2020. And we’ve fast-tracked smaller solar systems at five operational sites to produce an extra 500 kilowatts of renewable energy.

The solar farm is a flagship project for Barwon Water’s Strategy 2030, which includes a target of 100% renewable energy by 2025 and zero net emissions by 2030. And through our extensive engagement for the 2018 Price Submission, our customers and community told us they support our efforts to reduce emissions and switch to renewables.

Stage 1 of the solar array is on track for completion early next year.

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