Region's storages in good shape

Greater Geelong's water storages have received a 7 billion litre boost following downpours over our catchments.

The Mt Sabine weather station (near the West Barwon Reservoir in the Otway Ranges) recorded a record-breaking 202 mm of rain on Monday 4 June. The daily total eclipses the long-term average of 197 mm for the entire month.

West Barwon Reservoir jumped from 56% capacity to more than 85% full in just 24 hours, with more than 6 billion litres flowing into the dam.

Elsewhere in the region, Colac's reservoirs received a 900 million litre injection, jumping from 55% to 100% in less than two days. The West Gellibrand and Olangolah reservoirs are now full and spilling.

Painkalac Reservoir, which supplies Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven, went from 84% to overflowing in the same period, and Lorne's Allen Reservoir is also at 100% and spilling.

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