Recent rainfall a welcome relief for residents in Lorne

 The recent rain is a welcome relief for residents of Lorne.

  • More than 60 million litres of rain received in past two weeks.   
  • Allen reservoir now almost 70% full.       
  • Water carting stopped.
  • Water restrictions likely to be lifted.

Lorne is entirely reliant on the 175-megalitre Allen Reservoir on the St George River. Being a small water reserve, the reservoir drains steadily during drought, but also recovers quickly with rain.

Historically, Allen Reservoir rarely falls below about 75% capacity, but prolonged dry conditions saw it drop to just 33% at the end of April. Tough stage 3 water restrictions were introduced and water carting began for the first time in the town’s history.

But with about 64 million litres being captured since, Lorne’s supplies are looking much healthier. Allen Reservoir is currently 69.7% full and expected to rise.

Barwon Water will continue to monitor inflows, storage levels, demand trends and rainfall forecasts daily. Water carting has now ceased, and water restrictions look likely to be lifted next week.


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