Northern Water Plant commissioning underway

Commissioning (operational testing) at the Northern Water Plant — Geelong's newest water recycling facility — is progressing well.


The Northern Water Plant will treat wastewater from the adjacent Shell Refinery and domestic sewage from Geelong's northern suburbs, producing high quality Class A recycled water.

The first phase of commissioning began in August and involves introducing wastewater into the plant, creating suitable conditions for the biological breakdown of sewage and producing Class C recycled water. The microscopic biology in the system requires some time to grow and adjust to the conditions. The plant has performed extremely well to date.

The second commissioning phase involves advance membrane filtration technologies — ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis — and is due to start in October. The advanced membrane plant will produce the Class A water from the biologically treated water.

The Northern Water Plant has been more than 9 years in the planning. Construction has seen more than 800 workers log over 200,000 hours on site, with no time lost to injury — an incredible achievement in the construction industry.

It is the first facility of its kind in Australia to treat such a high proportion of industrial wastewater and produce high quality Class A recycled water.

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