No price rises for 5 years

Barwon Water is proposing no increases to water and sewerage prices over the next 5 years, excluding inflation.

The Water Plan, submitted to the Essential Services Commission today, recommends a 5-year price hold from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2018. The price hold would be exclusive of inflation as determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The Essential Services Commission is the independent regulator for the water industry.

The recommendation is in marked contrast to the previous 5-year Water Plan period where ‘double digit' price rises funded a record capital investment program to secure greter Geelong's water supply.

Barwon Water's Board of Directors is committed to minimising prices, while meeting the demands of population growth and maintaining high quality water and sewerage services.

  Water Plan 2013–2018


The draft 2013 Water Plan was released for public comment in May, 2012, and proposed a 1% annual price rise. However, cost savings and efficiencies identified since have allowed prices rises to be limited to CPI only.

The previous 5-year planning period saw record capital investment on infrastructure projects and initiatives necessary to guarantee the Geelong region's water supply for several decades. Approximately $772 million was invested under the 2008 Water Plan.

Under the 2013–2018 Water Plan, projected expenditure is halved to $360 million. Projects to be delivered include upgrading Colac's water supply and the region's largest sewage treatment facility: the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant.

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