New water for Meredith

The township of Meredith, 45 km north-west of Geelong, has a new water supply.

Its 1100 residents, who previously relied on the stressed West Moorabool River for their drinking water, are now linked to Geelong's supply network.

A new 11.5 kilometre pipeline from the Lethbridge tank on Medina Road means the end of fluctuating water quality from the West Moorabool River, which stopped flowing during the recent drought, forcing Barwon Water to truck in fresh supplies.

The $7.3 million project was fast-tracked due to issues associated with Meredith's ongoing supply, including high salt levels in the river and the unsustainable practice of carting water by truck.

Meredith residents can now enjoy greatly improved water quality and can take comfort in the knowledge they have a secure source of supply.

The project was delivered by the Barwon Water Alliance.

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