New water charges from 1 July 2012

Barwon Water's Board today approved water and sewerage charges for the 2012–2013 financial year in line with the Essential Services Commission's 2008 pricing determination.

Charges across residential and business sectors will rise 8.69% (including CPI of 1.58%).

For a typical residential customer using 165 kilolitres of water a year, the price rise equates to an additional $1.63 a week or $84.96 a year. Bills will vary depending on usage

The new charges are effective from 1 July 2012.

The tariff revenue will fund projects to ensure supply security and maintain quality services.

Major infrastructure projects underway include the Black Rock Recycled Water Plant ($19.7m), Apollo Bay water storage upgrade ($14.5m), Armstrong Creek recycled water pipeline ($9.m) and Armstrong Creek trunk sewer ($8.6m).

  Fees and charges: residential customers

  Fees and charges: business customers


Earlier this week, the Essential Services Commission approved an additional 3% increase to water volume and water service charges only to cover the cost of constructing the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline. Sewerage charges will not change.

The 3% increase will take effect only once the pipeline can supply water. This is expected in October. We will advise customers of the new charges before they come into effect.

The additional 3% will take the total increase for water to 11.74% overall.


Have your say on our next 5-year plan

The Water Plan is a 5-year business plan that details our service standards, business initiatives, expenditure forecasts, infrastructure plans and prices.

The plan must be approved by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) and prices must be ratified by the ESC annually.
The 2012–2013 financial year is the last year in our previous 5-year Water Plan 2008–2013, which was approved by the ESC in June 2008.

Our draft Water Plan for the next 5 years, 2013-2018, is now open for public comment. A key proposal in the new draft plan is minimising price increases to just 1% per year (excluding CPI) for the next 5 years.

  Water Plan 2013–2018

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