Manholes repaired in an Australian first

Barwon Water is the first water corporation in Australia to use a new technique for repairing damaged sewer manholes.

The 'Mr Manhole' system is used extensively throughout America and parts of Europe to repair manholes.

This system, imported to Australia by local company Geelong Waterproofing, was used to repair manhole lids on the outfall sewer along La Trobe Terrace.

It is our most important gravity sewer main, carrying up to 70% of Geelong's sewage.

The Mr Manhole leveling system in action

Over the years, these lids have been battered by heavy traffic flows, resulting in an uneven road surface.

The new system involves a specialised machine cutting a core around the manhole opening.

The doughnut-shaped ring is removed, and a special plastic liner placed in the opening. This is sealed at the base to prevent water entering the sewer and odour escaping.

Reinforcing bars are placed around the manhole, before rapid-set concrete is poured into the opening.

The concrete is able to be driven over by heavy vehicles after two hours, allowing roads to be reopened earlier than would normally be possible, minimising inconvenience to road users.

The work is also able to be completed in half the time of a conventional repair, and at lower cost.

Stage 1 of the works has recently been completed along La Trobe Terrace, between Fyans and Myers Streets. Stage 2 works are continuing north, from Myers Street to Gordon Avenue.

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