Leak detection trial saves Colac customers water and money

An innovative trial in Colac is helping residential customers track their water use and detect hidden leaks, saving water and money.

Numerous hidden and silent leaks have already been found by the technology that, if undetected, would have amounted to significant water losses and costs for customers.

In the first six months of the trial, 10% the homes involved were found to have leaks. If undetected, these losses would have exceeded 840,000 litres a year and would have amounted to roughly $1,900 in additional costs.

Barbara Basham was notified of a possible leak at her Colac home. She couldn’t find any obvios leaks, so contacted a plumber who found the culprit: a leaking pipe in an old external laundry. As the pipe was underneath a thin concrete floor, there were no visible signs of a leak, although it was losing  more than 2,300 litres a day!

The trial is an extension of the successful On-Farm Leak Detection program using Taggle technology that has saved local farmers an estimated 100 million litres of water over the past four years. It also supports Barwon Water’s 2030 Strategy commitments to sustainable water use and zero waste.

The residential trial will continue for a further 18 months. The specialised meters will provide valuable data for Barwon Water to assess whether this type of technology is an effective tool for early leak detection in a residential setting.


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