Geelong water storages at nine year high

Geelong region water storages have passed the 80% mark for the first time in more than nine years.

The last time storages were above 80% was February 2002.

While Geelong's winter rainfall has so far been unremarkable, our Otways catchments have received good rain, increasing overall storages by three percentage points in the past week alone.

Image of a girl in heavy rain.

The rainfall monitoring station at Mt Sabine, atop the West Barwon catchment, has recorded above-average rainfall every month this year. With 1393 mm recorded to date, it is well on-track to surpass the annual average of 1509 mm.

With rain-soaked catchments achieving good run-off, and the traditionally productive spring rainfall still to come, our storages are the healthiest they've been in years.

Our water storage levels are published online and are updated daily.

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