Geelong water consumption highest in 8 years

Hot and dry conditions over several months have seen Geelong's water consumption soar to the highest level since the summer of 2005–2006.

Consumption reached 9,630 million litres between January and March 2013, (around 107 million litres a day) which is 4.8% higher than the 10-year average over the same period.

Over the past three months, Geelong rainfall has been at its lowest since 2009 (measured at the Montpellier water storage basin in Highton). More telling, however, are reduced inflows to the West Barwon Reservoir in the Otway Ranges. The reservoir — which supplies drinking water to greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast — recieved just 59.8 mm of rain in the three months to March, the lowest since electronic records began.



In contrast, Colac's water consumption was actually 10% lower than the 10-year average for the same timeframe (albeit 7.4% higher than last year and 19.8% higher than the year before). Unfortunately, the January-to-March rainfall of just 40.6 mm — the lowest since 2000 — has meant that Colac storages have dipped to their lowest in five years.


Permanent Water Saving Plan

Numerous factors influence changes in water consumption, notably rainfall and water restrictions. We would like to remind our customers that the Permanent Water Saving Plan — a set of simple, common-sense rules to save water — applies every day of the year. 

  Permanent Water Saving Plan for residential customers

  Permanent Water Saving Plan for business, commercial and rural customers


Apollo Bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek

The Permanent Water Saving Plan currently applies across our service region with the exception of Apollo Bay and neighbouring Skenes Creek and Marengo. Barwon Water has upgraded restrictions to Stage 4 in these towns after local water storages dropped below 50% capacity for the first time since 2004. Since the restrictions were tightened, storages have slowly begun to recover and are currently at 58.4% capacity.

  Stage 4 water restrictions (residential) Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo

  Stage 4 water restrictions (business) Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo


Water storage updates

For daily updates of local storage levels and consumption data, weekly rainfall totals, and water graphs for the past nine years, check out our improved water storages information.

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