Don't let a drop become an ocean

We want to help our customers find and fix leaks, saving water and money.

It’s all a part of Leak Week which runs from 25 November to 1 December 2017.

Our customer programs have revealed residential leaks are wasting millions of litres of water in the Geelong region. A single tap leaking one drip per second wastes more than 12,000 litres of water a year!

Australia-wide studies show leaks can cause water losses as high as 27% at residential properties and 15% on farms.

Leak Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government through its award-winning Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP).

Barwon Water’s Leak Week campaign supports its Strategy 2030 commitment to sustainable water use and zero waste.


Tips to spot leaks

Inside. Look for mould, mildew, peeling paint or rotting wood. This could indicate an underground or hidden pipe leak.  Dark, swollen and spongy plasterboard or laminated board could be a sign of a water leak in a kitchen or bathroom basin.

Outside. Look for corroded pipes, increased grass growth around piping and wet patches on the ground.

Use your meter. Record the reading on your water meter. Wait at least 30 minutes (longer if you can, or even overnight), ensuring you’re not running any taps or using appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine or toilets. If the numbers on the meters have changed, you might have a leak.

Leak hot spot: toilets.  Toilets are a common sources of plumbing leaks. Put a few drops of food colouring in the cistern, wait for a few minutes, and watch for any change in the toilet bowl water.  If the colour appears in the toilet bowl it’s a sign of a leaky cistern.

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