Crews work around the clock to repair leaking pipe

A leaking water main has been repaired after repair crews worked around the clock last week, digging a 4.5 m deep trench and excavating around 70 semi-trailer loads of soil.

Image shows two maintenance works in safety apparel and construction helmets repairing a pipe in a trench at night. They are surrounded by a protective steel 'trench shield'.

Maintenance workers Matthew Foote and Peter Van Arend replace a section of damaged pipe.

The water main, located near the Queens Park Bridge in Geelong, transfers water from the Montpellier basin in Highton to customers in Newtown.

The leak was caused by corrosion resulting in a hole no bigger than a 50 cent piece in the 450 mm diameter steel pipe.

Workers have been on-site for up to 15 hours daily on rotating shifts. Most of the work has been done outside of business hours to minimise impact on motorists and pedestrians.

There was no interruption to customers’ water supply during repairs.


Timeline of repairs

  • Saturday 5 May: the leak is reported, crews dispatched, and the water supply shut off
  • Monday 7 May: work begins, including deep trenching and excavation
  • Tuesday 8 May: the hole is found Tuesday morning. A simple weld repair is ruled out due to the condition of the pipe.
  • Wednesday 9 May: a 7 m section of the pipe is removed and replaced.
  • Thursday 10 May: the trench is backfilled.
  • Friday 11 May: reinstatement works begin at the site.


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