Corporate Plan outlines savings


Barwon Water released its 2014/2015 to 2018/2019 Corporate Plan today, which sets the corporation’s strategic direction moving forward.

The plan focuses on commercial consolidation, sustainable efficiencies and innovation.

Corporate Plan 2014/2015 – 2018/2019


Barwon Water expects to achieve reductions in operating expenditure of $36.1 million and capital expenditure of $30.1 million over the coming years with no impact on service delivery.

These savings will be returned to customers in the form of Fairer Water Bills savings.

Residential customers will benefit from savings of $320 over the next four years, beginning with a $50 rebate off their first 2014-2015 quarterly bill.

Barwon Water will continue to invest heavily in infrastructure to maintain high quality services and meet regional growth.

Over the coming five years, $338 million will be spent on capital projects. This investment of $67 million a year is higher than the pre-drought average of $43 million a year.

Key projects include the Aireys Inlet water supply upgrade, Colac water reclamation plant upgrade and ongoing investment in water, sewer and recycled water infrastructure.

The Corporate Plan also outlines pricing for the coming years.

In line with the independent Essential Services Commission’s 2013 determination, prices will decrease 1.6% (excluding CPI) each year until 2017/2018.

Once CPI of 2.93% is factored in for the financial year commencing 1 July 2014, residential and non-residential bills will increase 1.28%.


Residential customers

The new charges for residential customers are:

  • Water volume: $2.2618 per kilolitre (1 kilolitre is 1,000 litres)
  • Water service: $42.98 per quarter
  • Class A recycled water volume: $1.809 per kilolitre
  • Sewerage service: $138.67 per quarter.

For a residential customer using 165 kilolitres of water a year, this equates to an increase of 27 cents a week, or $13.91 over a year. Bills will vary depending on usage.

  Fees and charges (residential customers)


Business customers

The new charges for business customers are:

  • Water volume: $2.2618 per kilolitre
  • Water service: $42.98 per quarter
  • Sewerage volume: $1.8799 per kilolitre
  • Sewerage service: $84.00 per quarter
  • Class A recycled water volume: 1.8094 per kilolitre.

  Fees and charges (business customers)

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