Colac water supply upgrade fast-tracked

We have fast-tracked a planned upgrade to Colac’s water supply following an updated water security assessment.

The Colac water supply system is expected to be connected to the greater Geelong network by July 2017, two years ahead of plan.

The upgrade will increase supply diversity and security, effectively doubling the capacity of Colac’s supply. The upgrade caters for growth and reduces the threat of reduced catchment inflows in very dry years. It also offers protection against the risk of bushfires, land slips and failure of the existing Otway ranges pipeline .

The project includes a connection with the Wurdee Boluc channel near Murroon, a new 50 million litre storage basin and pumping station at Barwon Downs, and an 11-kilometre pipeline to the existing Colac supply pipeline.

Colac will continue to receive water from the West Gellibrand and Olangolah reservoirs, with the supplementary supply drawn from the West Barwon catchment via the Wurdee Boluc channel. As a further security measure, the upgrade allows for groundwater sourced from the Barwon Downs borefield under extreme dry conditions.

Construction is set to begin in the second half of 2016 following an extensive stakeholder and community engagement program which included a community survey, information kiosks, and the formation of the Colac Community Reference Group.

  Media release: Colac water supply upgrade fast tracked

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