Colac residents: upgrade your showerhead for free

Replacing an old showerhead is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save water and money at home.  

Our Colac customer service centre is hosting a free showerhead exchange on Thursday 6 March 2014. Bring in your old showerhead and we’ll swap it for a new, water efficient one — for free!

Replace your old showerhead with a water-efficient model

Did you know a water-efficient showerhead could cut up to $150 a year off your water bill? A 3-star rated showerhead uses at least 30% less water than an older style model.

Customers who swap a showerhead during the afternoon will go into the draw for a water conservation hamper valued at $100.


1 pm — 5 pm

Thursday 6 March 2014


Barwon Water customer service centre

33 Bromfield St, Colac

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How to change your showerhead: five simple steps

  1. Use a spanner or adjustable shifter to remove the old showerhead by turning it anti-clockwise. Use a cloth or tea-towel to protect the fixtures and don’t apply too much pressure. Put the old showerhead aside for the showerhead exchange.
  2. Clean the thread on the outlet with a stiff brush or some steel wool.
  3. Bring the old showerhead in to the Barwon Water customer service centre and exchange it for a new one.
  4. Dry the outlet and wind some Teflon tape (included with your new showerhead) clockwise around the thread. Around 5–6 rotations will ensure a good seal.
  5. Place the flange over the supply outlet and attach the showerhead to the outlet. Screw the new showerhead clockwise onto supply the outlet. Use a spanner or shifter to tighten, and protect the fixtures with a cloth or tea towel. Don’t over tighten.

  YouTube: How to install a new showerhead

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