Class A recycled water network now connected

Residents in Armstrong Creek and Torquay North are now connected to the Class A recycled water network.

Minister for Water Peter Walsh visited Armstrong Creek where ultimately up to 22,000 homes will connect to the recycled water scheme.

A further 2,500 homes and recreational areas will be supplied at Torquay North.

The dual-pipe system is expected to ultimately save 2,400 million litres of drinking water a year at Armstrong Creek and 350 million litres a year at Torquay North.

Class A recycled water is used to water gardens, flush toilets and wash cars.

It is charged at 80% of the price of drinking water and is not subject to water restrictions.

The full-time, cost-effective production and delivery of Class A recycled water is dependent on demand, which is turn is dependent on population (i.e number of connected properties) and climate (i.e. rainfall and water storage levels). 


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