Care for your septic tank

Barwon Water doesn't manage or regulate septic tanks (it's a local council function) but we do treat septic waste. Contractors pump out septic tanks and deliver the effluent to our reclamation plants for treatment.

Septic tanks require regular maintenance. We recommend you:

  • inspect your septic system at least once a year
  • check your sludge levels and pumps regularly
  • have your tank pumped out by an accredited contractor at least once every 3 years
  • minimise the amount of food scraps, fats and oils in your septic system
  • don't add grease, paint, nappies or feminine hygiene products to your septic tank
  • avoid strong detergents, cleaners and bleach that can destroy the micro-organisms that break down waste products in your tank
  • ensure your septic tank and disposal field are accessible and not built over.

We may not accept poorly managed or contaminated septic waste.

For more information on septic tanks and how to manage your septic waste system, please contact your local council.

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