Burst water main: Townsend Road, Whittington

Update as at 9:45 am, Saturday 4 August 2018

We're responding to a significant burst main on Townsend Road, Whittington.

Townsend Road is closed to traffic between Wilsons Road and Coppards Road. Traffic management is in place.

Some properties are without water. We will be distributing bottled water shortly.

Barwon Asset Solutions is on site and repairs will be underway shortly. Barwon Asset Solutions is a 100% locally-based maintenance services company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Barwon Water.


Update at 10:30 am

The site of the burst has been pin-pointed and excavation is underway while we source suitable fittings for the repair.

If everything goes well, we're hoping to have the main repaired by approximately 3 pm this afternoon.


Update at 3.25 pm

Work is still underway to repair the burst on Townsend Rd Whittington.

Unfortunately, repairs are more complex and are taking longer than originally anticipated.

At this stage, we estimate turning the water back on by 7 pm this evening. Affected properties have been notified and bottled water made available.


Update at 7.00 pm

The burst has been repaired and crews are now re-charging the water main (slowly increasing the pressure).

Water is expected to be restored to affected properties within the hour.


Update at 9:30 pm

Repairs are complete and water has been restored to all affected properties. Reinstatement of Townsend Road is underway.

It will be closed to traffic between Wilsons Road and Coppards Road until reinstatement is complete.

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