Black Rock Recycled Water Plant construction update

Work on the Black Rock Recycled Water Plant project began in January 2012 and is now well underway.

The new plant is being built adjacent to the existing Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant in Connewarre. The facilities are part of the larger Black Rock Environmental Precinct, which also incorporates a biosolids drying plant, recycled water share farm, bicycle path and buffer land.

When complete, the recycled water plant will take treated water from the existing water reclamation plant and refine it with several treatment phases including ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and chlorine disinfection. The resultant Class A recycled water will be available for new 'purple pipe' residential developments at Armstrong Creek and Torquay North. A higher quality Class C recycled water will also be available for a range of non-residential customers.

The Black Rock Recycled Water Plant is on schedule for completion in mid-2013.

  Black Rock Recycled Water Plant

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