Barwon River greening project

More than 50 disability service users have volunteered their time to plant trees and shrubs, grown at our community nursery, along the Barwon River.

The planting is part of the Green Gym project, a 5-week inititaive getting people active in parks and open spaces. The program also connects conservation groups to people using disability services.

Image shows hunderds of small plants, covered by tree guards, and a number of volunteers in various stages of activity. In the background, a disused aqeduct is faintly visible.

Volunteers planting trees near the disused Barwon Water aqueduct in Breakwater.

More than 50 volunteers from St Laurence, Karingal, Encompass, Leisure Networks and Barwon Valley School have been involved in the Green Gym initiative.

The volunteers have been planting trees, removing non-indigenous vegetation, making tree guards and upgrading tracks near the disused  aqueduct in Breakwater and the Yollinko Wetlands near Balyang Sanctuary. Participants will plant about 2000 indigenous trees and shrubs from Barwon Water's community nursery at the aqueduct site.

The program is helping participants develop a range of new skills to enhance future employment opportunities while contibuting to their local community.

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