Balancing water supplies changes taste in some areas

Customers in the Golden Plains region and Geelong’s northern suburbs may have noticed a change in the taste of their water.

This is due to these customers receiving water from Lal Lal reservoir, part of the Moorabool catchment, near Ballarat.

The change is normal at this time of year as we balance surface water supplies across the network. However, particularly dry conditions have meant the change is more noticeable this summer.

Customers in Bannockburn, Teesdale and Inverleigh receive water from the Moorabool system over the summer months. This water has a different taste profile to the water from the Barwon River catchments in the Otways that supply these towns for most of the year. Customers in Geelong’s northern suburbs are receiving a blend of water from the Barwon and Moorabool catchments.

Our water quality and operations teams are monitoring water quality and treatment processes and continue to make adjustments where possible to reduce the effect of the seasonal change.

All water supplied is 100% safe to drink and compliant with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. None of our catchments were affeceted by the recent bushfires.

 Media release: Water supply

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