Back-up water supplies switching on

Barwon Water is now calling on back-up water sources — the Melbourne to Geelong pipeline and Barwon Downs borefield — in response to prolonged dry conditions.

We will tap into the Victorian water grid via the 59-kilometre Melbourne to Geelong pipeline from the beginning of April.

The Barwon Downs borefield, a critical source previously used to supplement supplies in drought conditions, is also being readied for operation.


Will my water bill go up to pay for these supplies?

No. Customers will not pay extra for these water sources. Prices are locked in until June 2018.


Will my water taste different?

Possibly. Some customers notice a change in the taste of their water when the sources are changed. All water supplied is 100% safe to drink and fully compliant with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


Will I receive desalinated water?

No. The Melbourne to Geelong pipeline connects Geelong’s storage basins at Lovely Banks with Melbourne’s water supply network at Cowies Hill, west of Werribee. Melbourne’s supply network will be topped up via the desalination plant near Wonthaggi.

Barwon Water customers will not receive desalinated water.


More information

  Fact sheet: Changes to your water supply (April 2016)

If you have any questions or concerns about your water, please contact us.

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