Anglesea sewer pipeline drilling begins

Construction of a new sewerage pipeline beneath the Anglesea River has begun.

A drilling rig has been set up in Coogoorah Park, on the west side of the river, and is tunneling 12.5 metres below the deepest point of the river. 12 metre lengths of pipe are being laid out on the east side of the river (along Bingley Parade) and will be welded together to form one continuous 330 metre pipe.

Rigorous environmental controls are in place to ensure minimal impact on the river and Coogoorah Park. Once the bore is complete, the pipe will be attached to the drill and pulled under the river. The new pipe will then be connected to the existing sewerage system.

The pipeline will transfer recycled water from Aireys Inlet and sewage from west Anglesea to the nearby water reclamation plant. It will replace a damaged sewer main discovered leaking in August.

The project is on track to be completed before Christmas, in time for the peak holiday season.

  Media release: Anglesea sewer pipeline drilling underway

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