Anglesea outfall repairs underway

Replacement of the Anglesea outfall pipeline has begun.

The pipe was damaged when a section of cliff collapsed in August. The repair has been fast-tracked ahead of the busy summer period.

It’s a challenging task with significant onshore and offshore work. Specialist engineering and construction teams need to consider the cliffs, beach, ocean floor and tides.

A drill rig is currently boring from the water reclamation plant through the cliff. It will continue below the cliff base and ocean floor to emerge about 500 metres offshore.

Almost 700 metres of pipe are now being welded and pressure tested on land before being towed across the water to the outfall end point.

From there, the pipe will be attached to the drill head, lowered 10 metres under water and pulled back through the bore hole to the plant.

We’re working closely with local residents throughout the project. Customers will not experience any disruption to sewerage services during the works.

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