Anglesea outfall fast-tracked

Barwon Water has accelerated plans to replace the Anglesea outfall pipeline replacement after it was damaged when a section of cliff collapsed late last month.

The pipe carries Class B recycled water. It connects the Anglesea water reclamation plant – located on the coastal cliffs – to the outfall on the sea floor. Due the recent rock fall, the pipe was damaged and recycled water is flowing onto the beach. Although the flow rate is low and the water is treated to a very high standard, we advise people to avoid contact. Signs are erected in the vicinity.

Plans were already underway to replace the pipe when it was damaged. A replacement pipe will be bored from the plant, beneath the cliff, and approximately 185 metres out to sea. The new pipe will not be prone to cliff erosion, as it will be drilled well below the cliff base.

Scoping work is underway, and the project is expected to be complete before summer.

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