Anglesea Borefield nearing completion

Geelong's newest water source — the Anglesea Borefield — is nearing completion.

The borefield has been operating since late 2009, when the pre-treatment plant and first 3 bores were commissioned. Drilling is underway on the 7th and final bore, and is expected to be complete later this year.

Final above-ground works are scheduled for early 2012.

When complete, the borefield will supply up to 20 million litres of water a day — the equivalent to the water used in around 35,000 Geelong homes.

An extensive monitoring system has been installed which enables us to measure surface water and groundwater quality. Frog and fish populations, as well as vegetation, are being carefully monitored.

The borefield operates under a bulk entitlement issued by the Minister for Water, which is regularly reviewed.

As part of the first review, we will undertake an intensive monitoring program over the next 12 months. The aim of the program will be to gather additional information on the sustainability of the borefield and to further mitigate any potential environmental impacts.

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