Strategy 2030:
Enabling regional prosperity

Barwon Water has more than 110 years’ experience in providing excellence in water and sewerage services and infrastructure. This is what we do, and we will continue to do it well.

But we are shifting our focus. Our water and sewerage services underpin economic, social and environmental dimensions of regional prosperity. We are moving from a utility service provider to an enabler of regional prosperity.

2030 Strategy summary

We will deliver through a diverse and high-performing workforce, creating common ground for strategic partnerships, a more entrepreneurial approach to commercial opportunities, and a commitment to zero waste and zero emissions. And we will do this while continuing to provide outstanding customer and community value, and maintaining our excellent record in high quality, affordable and secure water services.


Strategy 2030

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Drivers for change

We are a time of significant and rapid change. As a major regional business, we have a significant role in the ‘big picture’.

  • Climate change is expected to see a 7% reduction in flows to our reservoirs by 2040.
  • Population growth is accelerating. By 2040, Geelong’s population is expected to swell more than 40% to 410,000 and Colac’s to grow 13% to 16,000.
  • A transitioning economy from an industrial base to one driven by technology and services in education, health tourism and niche high-value exports in agriculture and manufacturing.
  • Rapid technological advancement revolutionises how we live, work and play.

Water is fundamental in helping the region address these challenges.



How will we get there?

We are concentrating our efforts in key areas, making the step-changes necessary to transition from a utility provider to an enabler or regional prosperity.


Strategic partnerships

We will establish and enhance strategic partnerships with customers, the community, agencies and industry. We will be proactive in establishing partnerships based on shared strategy and vision. By 2030, Barwon Water will be recognised as a leader in customer, community and agency collaboration, optimising water-related resources for regional prosperity.


Zero emissions

We have made a commitment to achieve zero net emissions by 2030 and 100% renewable energy by 2025. As a major contributor to greenhouse gases, we need to lead the way in driving down emissions. We will adopt a zero emissions mindset in everything we do, ensure we are as energy-efficient as we can be, and switch to renewables wherever we can.


Zero waste

We will optimise our resources with a goal of zero waste. Optimising the value from our natural resources and infrastructure is essential for a strong economy, health environment, livable towns and cities, and a prosperous region. By 2030 we’re aiming to recycle 100% of our wastewater, recover energy from our operations, and be recognised as a leader in resource recovery and waste minimisation technology.



We are adopting an entrepreneurial mindset by driving a culture of innovation that proactively identifies and explores new opportunities to harness water resources and core competencies for the best possible values for our customers and outcomes for our region. We will draw upon the ideas and expectations of our customer base, and develop an internal culture focused on creativity, critical thinking, innovation, research and development.


High performance

High performance underpins the delivery of our strategy. We’re building a high performance culture through diversity, accountability and inclusive leadership at all levels. By 2030, we will have an agile and future-ready workforce, be seen as an employer of choice, and will lead the way in diversity, inclusion and inspirational leadership.